Some of Our Most Common Plumbing Services

Fast, reliable service for long term solutions

We provide service for sewer lines, kitchen sinks, faucets, water heaters, toilets, garbage disposals, leaks,
drain repair or replacement, and much more. We have the best equipment in the business for solutions that last.

Toilets and Toilet Installation

Toilet plumbingSome common types of toilets include:
Low-Flow Toilets – This uses only half the water that a standard flow toilet does. This saves money on water bills.
Standard Flow Toilets – This uses a full tank for each flush.
Dual-Flush Toilets – Choose how much pressure you need to clear the bowl in order to save water.
Gravity Toilets – The force of gravity clears waste from toilet bowl then pumps fresh water into toilet.
Vacuum Toilets – This uses a vacuum assisted force to suck water out of the toilet and is less likely to block than a gravity model.

Garbage Disposals

If you are experiencing any of the following, it is time to call our experts:
1. The sound of grinding metal when the disposal is running. This may mean the grinder is damaged.
2. Food jammed or stuck in the gears.
3. Water backing up into your sink.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are built and designed based on the customer’s needs.

When you think of a plumber, what comes to mind? Is it a toilet? To be a good plumber, you must know the ins and outs of toilets. The expert knowledge and experience found at Capital Care Plumbing is invaluable to those who need to fix a leak, unclog, or replace a toilet.Capital Care Plumbing not only wants to help you fix your toilet problems, but our plumbers can provide advice on the maintenance and preventive measures you can take before big problems arise.

One way to find out if you have a water leak in your toilet is to perform a dye test using 10 drops of food coloring in the tank. The drops will determine if you have a bad flapper or bad flush valve.For your clogged issues, our plumbers can snake your sewer line extending from the toilet. Feminine products are known to cause clogs that will leave you in need of a plumber. Before calling your plumber, you can attempt to plunge the toilet using this technique.

Stick plunger and get suction, using short fast strokes (10 times). Then pull the plunger straight up. You may get water on the floor. If this does not fix the problem, then call the plumbers at Capital Care Plumbing. We are a 24/7 emergency service plumbing company. Check out About Us to see the plumbers working with us.Though you may not know it, gas piping is another trademark of plumbers. For a gas leak, you should always call the gas company to turn the gas off.

Then call us. Our plumber will perform a gas test to determine where the leak is coming from and to determine if all gas piping and valves and water heater are up to current code. Then the plumber will perform a leak location then give all options on how to repair the leak. The plumbers of Capital Care Plumbing will also hook up the gas all of your appliances including stoves, washer, dryer, grills and more.Another type of work that plumbers do is water filtration applications.

Our water softener specialist will let you know everything you need to know about your choices and what is involved in the install. We sell Aqua Pure carbon filters and water softeners

We provide water heaters, water softeners, drain cleaning and plumbing services to Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, and other TX communities. Visit our Contact Us page and give us a call for more info.