Water Softener and Filtration Systems

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We provide two types of water filtration systems for residential and commercial buildings:

  • Regenerative loose carbon filters
  • Water softeners

Water Softener

Most people never consider a water softener until a problem occurs. Answering a few questions may help you determine if you need a water softener.

Do you have buildup around your sinks, inside your appliances, or in your coffee/teapot? Are your clothes fading quickly or whites getting dingy after a few washes? Is your skin and hair getting dry? If you answer yes to any of these questions you may need a water softener.

Water softener systems can reduce wear and tear on your appliances, reduce mineral buildup on your skin and hair, and reduce costly plumbing repairs and increase water efficiency in your home or business.

best water softener installation cinco ranch cypress sugar land katy txWe offer a full range of services including Water Softener installation and a free water analysis and consultation with our water softener specialist.

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Regenerative Loose Carbon Filters

Water Softener System installation | Capital Care Plumbing Water SoftenersMunicipal water sources are required to send potable water to your house, but it is not conditioned water. Water filtration systems are designed to eliminate any contaminants or problems with your water.

Filters can also remove the harsh chemical odors from your water, leaving you with clean, smooth, and fresh drinking water. We highly recommend filtering the water you bring into your home and business for general consumption.

Capital Care Plumbing offers water filtration installation and is an authorized plumbing contractor and installer of Aqua Pure water filtrations systems. Call and schedule your free water softener and filtration consultation.

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