Water Heaters in Cypress, TX

Hot water in your home or business is important for your everyday tasks. As a business owner, it is vital to keep your employees comfortable and happy. A happy employee provides better work for your customers. We can provide commercial repair and replacement for your company’s water heater. We offer 24/7 service for all of your water heater needs.

There a couple common problems that can arise with water heaters that Capital Care Plumbing’s plumbers handle on a regular basis. One is the pilot light on a gas water heater has gone out. When this happens, the house or business is no longer getting any hot water.

A good plumber will give you advice while he is at your house. Sometimes if your water heater pilot light goes out, you can relight it yourself. Here is how to relight your water heater. Turn the gas control valve to pilot. Press and hold the pilot button for 30-45 seconds. Continue holding the pilot button then hit the igniter button on the right side. Click the igniter button 5 times. Look in the sight glass in the burner chamber for the pilot flame. Continue to hold the pilot button for 45 seconds, the release the button ensuring the fire is still on. Then turn gas control valve on. Make sure the thermostat is on factory setting.

The other common water repair that our plumbers handle is the temperature and pressure valve failure. Your T&P valve should be tested yearly by a plumber and replaced every 3-5 years per a manufacturer’s specifications. T&P safety valve designed to open and blow pressure off at 210 degrees and 150lbs psi.

It is important to check in on your water heater regularly to prevent major difficulties such as big leaks that can damage ceilings, walls and floors. For any water heater repair work, our plumbers can come to your location to give a free estimate and in most cases begin work immediately.

Age definitely plays a role in the health of the water heater. As water heaters age and if they are not flushed regularly, sediment builds up inside, weakening the tank and sending debris throughout the plumbing system. We can install any standard or tankless water. We can supply Rheem Water Heaters.

We provide water heaters, water softeners, drain cleaning and plumbing services to Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, and other TX communities. Visit our Contact Us page and give us a call for more info.