Video Inspection and Water Jet Cleaning

commercial water jetting in katy tx

Over time, pipes become clogged with dirt, mud, grease and mineral buildup. We use the most up-to-date tools and strategies to ensure we keep your pipes running free and clear whether at your home or business.

Video Inspection Services:

Video pipe inspection allows our technicians to see the entire pipe, diagnose the problem, and find the right solution for you. Video inspection is especially helpful to customers with recurring clogged drains. We can perform the drain cleaning and provide you with a copy of the video footage to keep for your records.

Additionally, video inspection can find small objects, such as rings or keys that may be lost in a pipe or sewer.

We also recommend video inspection of pipes before purchasing a home or commercial property to identify any existing plumbing problems.

  • Able to video inspect sewer lines under house and in yard
  • Able to map out sewer systems under house or building
  • Locate broken section of pipes under buildings in commercial or residential
  • Provide customers with best solutions to making repairs

Water Jet Cleaning Services:

Drain cable cleaning machines (also known as augers or snakes) are often used to cut through objects blocking a pipe, such as tree roots. However, cables cannot break up and remove semi-solid buildup on the walls of a pipe. The spray pattern and high pressure used in water jetting cleans the whole pipe, cutting through the blockage and breaking it up for easy removal.

This service is safe for the environment and cost-effective. Commercial customers, especially those in the food or service industry (restaurants), find that regular, scheduled water jetting prevents clogs and backups and keeps their businesses running smoothly.

Capital Care Plumbing’s professional staff will ensure your pipes remain clear and free of debris.

  • We unclog drains for commercial restaurants
  • Unclog grease drain lines in restaurants
  • Clear drain lines for yard irrigation without damage of pipe
  • Clear commercial sewer drain lines from 6” to 10”  using up to 4000 psi
  • Offer maintenance agreement to keep lines open and free


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