Our Company

We are founded on the highest standards in the plumbing industry and run our business on Christian based values. Our plumbers utilize the latest technology to provide you with exceptional residential and commercial plumbing services.

Our Mission is to provide high quality service that will exceed our customers’ expectations. We utilize honest, reliable, trustworthy employees and business practices to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Our Vision is to build a successful, wholesome premier plumbing company, that makes all that are a part of Capital Care Plumbing, successful as well.

James - Owner of Capital Care Plumbing
Owner / Master Plumber
James Warren

James is the Owner and Master Plumber for Capital Care Plumbing. He has over 18 years of plumbing experience, and has a Master Plumber License in the states of Texas, and North Carolina. Before entering the field of plumbing, he learned the trade of shipfitting, and as a result, has an extensive knowledge on how to read blue prints.

Working in the shipfitting business helped him learn that precision counted when working on a job, and could not afford to miss even by a 16th of an inch. After leaving the shipfitting business, he worked as a car salesman for about a year. Despite being turned off by the deception of the field, he learned valuable sales techniques that many plumbers do not learn, and vowed to still be truthful to his integrity and not swindle customers. He entered the field of plumbing in 1997 when he started working for Roto Rooter in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In 1999, a few years after entering the field, James decided to start a plumbing company of his own, and decided to name it Capital Care Plumbing. Since founding Capital Care Plumbing, he has ensured that he treats each customer with respect, and gives them the honesty that they deserve. As the Owner, he instills these values into each plumber that the company hires, to ensure that they not only become better plumbers, but better people as well. James’s goals include making Capital Care Plumbing a successful, wholesome premier plumbing company in the Houston area, that makes all that are part of Capital Care Plumbing successful as well.

We provide water heaters, water softeners, drain cleaning and plumbing services to Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, and other Texas communities around Houston.


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