How to Know When It’s Time for Water Heater Replacement

How Water Heater Replacement Katy TX

Hot Water Heater Replacement Warning Signs Water heater replacement seems to sneak up on all of us at times without warning. The water heater itself lives in a quiet, dark place, completely minding its own business, until suddenly you’re hit with a jet of water so cold that you almost hit the ceiling. Luckily, this is not the fault of the hot water heater. It’s actually our own fault, and can easily be fixed with just a little bit of what we call, ‘smart homeowner’ Read More

Who’s Your Katy Plumber? DIY or Pro

katy plumber diy katy plumbing

Why Hire a Professional Katy Plumber? Sometimes it seems like everyone’s a Katy plumber, and for good reason. As Texans, the typical Katy homeowner is hardly afraid of a little do-it-yourself (DIY) handyman work around the house. In fact, there are many who actually look forward to these kinds of challenges. From installing a new security lock to replacing some damaged drywall, changing a light fixture, or replacing a damaged gutter, there are actually many people who look at DIY scenarios Read More

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your water heater should be a simple process.  Here is a few tips to remember to prevent those unwanted water leaks, gas leaks and reductions in hot water! After 5 years, most water heater warranties expire. Have a technician evaluate your water heater to prevent any issues from happening. Have your water heater flushed out every year.      

Is It Better to Have Your Water Heater in Your Attic or in Your Garage?

The average family’s water heater gets a great deal of use, and because of this, it requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. The ability to provide routine maintenance for your water heater can have a bearing on where you locate the unit. Many builders place the water heater in the garage others place units in the attic. There are pros and cons for each location: Pros of Garage Installation Heater is easy to access to provide regular maintenance. Read More