Why Hire Katy Plumbers If I Have YouTube Plumbing Videos

katy plumbers vs youtube plumbing videos

Katy Plumbers vs YouTube Plumbing Videos

Are you debating whether to hire professional Katy plumbers? Or, instead, try to fix something that you saw on some YouTube Plumbing Videos?

It probably looks easy enough in the video, but you’re worried it might still be a little difficult. Before you get started, let us share a few benefits on why you should hire professional Katy plumbers to do it for you.

Full disclosure: we are professional Katy plumbers. 🙂

What the Professional Katy Plumbers Have

  • Katy Plumbers Know the Code

    We’re not talking about a secret decoder ring that you get for drinking all of your Ovaltine. Licensed Katy plumbers are required to know and follow all state plumbing, building, and construction regulations and codes. That ‘DIY’ project may seem easy but if it’s not up to code it can cause a lot of headaches when you go to sell or rent your home. We don’t take any shortcuts. Everything is done to or above code so you don’t have to tear it up and do it all over again later.

  • Katy Plumbers Are Licensed

    Journeyman and Master plumbers must obtain licenses to practice their trade in their state of operation. Applying for the license and increasing in rank requires work experience, classroom training, and the completion of an exam. The process to become a Journeyman or Master Plumber can take several years and over 8,000 work hours to complete the requirements. So when you’re hiring a plumber make sure that you check their license. This assures they are properly trained to work on all aspects of your project, even the unseen components of your plumbing system.

  • Proper Insurance

    Katy plumbers are required to have insurance in case any accidents were to happen. This not only protects themselves and you if they get injured on the job, but it protects your house, as well. If you try to do it yourself or have an unlicensed plumber do it for you, you could be left with a large bill if any accidents were to happen.

  • Proper Plumbing Tools

    Whether clearing a clogged drain or installing a new water heater, we have the proper plumbing tools to get the job done. Once you add up all the time and tools it takes to get a job done right, you’ll realize that it’s easier to call in a specialist that can get it done right the first time. Furthermore, the hardest part isn’t even finding the right tool, it’s knowing how to use it correctly.

What YouTube Plumbing Videos Have

  • Unknown Codes

    YouTube Plumbing Videos may be very informational, and even provide great step-by-step instructions. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to tell where the video is being shot. Whether the video you’re watching is shot in a different state, or even an entirely different country, can dastrically effect how a project is completed.

  • Unknown Licenses

    Sure, you’re not hiring the plumber in the YouTube plumbing video, but if he’s not a household name, are you sure you can trust them? For every expert out there publishing a video on YouTube, there are probably at LEAST ten amateurs. If you wouldn’t trust an amateur to repair your $1000 water heater, why would you trust their video?

  • Your Own Insurance

    Guess what? YouTube is not going to cover the expense of a failed DIY repair just because you watched it on their website. If you break it, then you really do buy it. Plus, if you get hurt, well, that’s between you and your medical insurance provider.

  • Your Own Plumbing Tools

    YouTube videos rarely come with an operating manual, and NEVER come with the proper tools. Plumbing tools are highly specialized, rarely interchangeable, and require proper knowledge and experience to use them correctly, not to mention more than a little strength.

The Obvious Conclusion: Hire Katy Plumbers

A ‘DIY’ project that looked easy and could be done in an hour can end up a nightmare project. A busted pipe and several hours later you’re standing in a flooded basement. Take the hassle and worry away and give us a call before it gets out of hand.

Capital Care Plumbing has been serving Katy since 1999. Our tagline, ‘experience does make the difference,’ really says it all. Let our team of highly skilled and experienced plumbers help you avoid becoming a YouTube plumbing FAIL. Call or contact us online to schedule a plumber visit today.

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